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-bell hooks

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I started reading an article about abortion and how highly personal decision it maybe too many women.  A lot of women feel that they are sure they'll never have to think about abortion until they're suddenly faced with an unexpected pregnancy. But this can happen to anyone, including women who are strongly anti-choice. So what does an anti-choice woman do when she experiences an unwanted pregnancy herself? Often, she will grin and bear it, so to speak, but frequently, she opts for the solution she would deny to other women.

Abortion raises ethical, legal and religious issues. It's considered, in the West, a free choice if the fetus is less than 8 weeks old. In the Middle East, it's forbidden and banned in all cases because of religious beliefs. I am completely against abortion of all kinds and types. Abortion is very dangerous to the pregnant female. It can be fatal or destructive to the uterus and it can have extreme psychological effects. Most people who have premarital sex seem relieved for the fact that nowadays we have the latest technologies to perform a safe abortion. I think if you're not ready to get pregnant, don't have sex in the first place, or at least try to have safe sex with the many contraceptive ways available.
I think religion and the law in the Middle East are enough reason for people to think twice about abortion. If two people fell in love and the girl got pregnant before marriage, they both should get married and in extreme cases, the girl should undergo abortion because the child will be a bastard child. Yet again I don't think that's enough reason for anyone to perform or have abortion. I believe that no one has the right to take the life off of anyone even if they think they're the "creators". A mother doesn't have the right to deprive the unborn from it's life just because it's her choice. What about the choice of the unborn? I believe that religion is right after all regarding this specific matter because abortion is exactly the same as killing a person, but the person at least had a life, so what about an unborn.


  1. Sandra,
    I know that we agree on a lot of ideas and concepts, and one of them is not abortion.
    In my opinion, I feel that if two individuals want to have sexual intercourse, then yes, they should accept the responsibilities of using proper birth control and planning. Accidents do happen, and at times, a woman and her partner cannot have a child due to certain circumstances. If a woman chooses to have an abortion because she has just returned to school started a new career, or does not want to carry a fetus to full term, then it is ultimately her choice. Yes, she can give it up for adoption, but, would you allow for your child to be born and give it up, to strangers who may or may not abuse it? I know that I would wake up every morning, wondering if my child is really in safe hands.
    Furthermore, by not allowing a woman to have an abortion, you are saying that she does not have the agency to choose what is happening to her own body. You are implying that because there is a fetus growing in her, that she is deprived of making important choices for herself, and ultimately, control over what is happening to her body.
    While I myself am pro-choice, and I have never been in a situation where I had to choose to have an abortion or carry the fetus until full term, I do not know what I would decide for myself, I just hope that I will be able to make whatever choice I see fit for me without discrimination.

  2. Sandra and Teires,
    I am pro choice and I think as a feminist regardless of what the issue is it should be about choice. First off I think that if two people want to engage in coitus then they better be comfortable talking about sex in general. Whether that discussion is about what they like or don’t like in bed in regards to pleasure or positioning or whether the discussion is being surrounded by the consequences of having sex, which would lead to pregnancy whether expected or not. I understand that accidents do happen as you said Teires, but I think if someone is going to have sex then having children whether they like or not should also be on their minds. As you can see I started that having children should be on their minds, I did that intentionally because it should be the responsibility of both parents. The responsibility should be placed on both individuals for family planning as well in regards to engaging in safe sex. They say it takes two to tango, so it takes two people to have sex resulting in two opinions that should be taken into consideration.
    Abortion I think is a decision that should not take lightly because it does and will affect the lives of several individuals whether we are aware of it or not. With that said I do think it is the decision of both parents to decide whether or not abortion should occur or if the mother should carry the child full term. Furthermore, women who decide to get an abortion I have nothing against that, carrying a child and raising that child is probably the hardest thing any woman can do and if that woman isn’t ready to take on that responsibility then good for her for realizing her decision. Regardless my heart goes out for women having the choice to make the right decision for themselves.


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