"Writing is my passion. It is a way to experience the ecstatic. The root understanding of the word ecstasy—“to stand outside”—comes to me in those moments when I am immersed so deeply in the act of thinking and writing that everything else, even flesh, falls away."
-bell hooks

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking back...

I am sad to say that this is coming to an end but I feel like for this particular blog we should continue it into the future and see what happens and the maybe more people will comment and voice their opinions. Honestly starting this blog I did not think that we would get a positive responses like the way we did but I'm glad we did.

I honestly learned a lot throughout the course about my feminism and the different issues we explored. In the beginning of the course I defined my feminism and this is what I wrote, “My feminism is not afraid of gender or sex or living life to the fullest. My feminism demands respect, love, equality and space. My feminism will not tolerate gender discrimination. My feminism does not dislike men but dislikes power wielded as a force of authority. My feminism is a friendly place where girls and boys can be friends with no judgment. My feminism is all about equality, liberation and living as humans even though society stereotypes people into categorizes. And that is why my feminism is not a product that is distrusted but hopes for change towards what really matters in life and the desire for humans to recognize that we have a lot more in common with one another than we think, despite our differences. My feminism is not afraid and will certainly not be silenced.” To be honest with you I would not change a thing about my definition and I stand by every word I wrote because it is something I came up with and no one else. 

The whole purpose of the blog was to create a place for Chaldean women to vent our their issues and I hope that if we keep the blog running up than maybe people will comment more. The blog is a place to be open with your feminist voice and not be afraid to say what you feel and I believe we have gotten some great posts in the past 3 months. One of my favorite blogs we definitely have to be, “What is sisterhood to you”. Even though all of the other blogs are amazing I feel that the true meaning of sisterhood is that if women stand up together and take control of their own oppression than the rest is history. All we need is each other at the end of the day, because without sisterhood than we have nothing.

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